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April 2007

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Ellie DeBruyne

lourdesmont in hoolihans

... mumble ... mumble ...

"Lost," the woman at the bar mumbled into something that was the color of the irises that bloomed outside of her office in the spring. "I am usually lost."

A huge green creature with yellow nodules plopped down on the bar stool next to her. "Ya lost there, puny human?"

Ellie looked at the creature from the corner of her eye. "How else do you think I got here?"

"Oh yeah," the evil Clutchulak said as one of its tentacles scratched at what passed for a head while another reached into its pocket. It leered at Ellie. "Puny Human," it repeated with a chuckle as it held out the object in its hand, "I will now suck out your brai with this bendy straw!"

Ellie heaved a great sigh and turned to face the creature. "You can suck out my mind, liver and spleen but I will never surrender," she said in a monotone and grabbed the straw from the Clutchulak. "Now, aren't you supposed to say something about no one can save me now?" Hmmm?"

The Clutchulak stared at Ellie.

"I have four children," Ellie began as she tore the paper bendy straw into little bits. "Four children who are stuck inside because of winter storms and watching lots and lots of Nick cartoons." Ellie's hand glowed green for a moment and the icky bits that had been the bendy straw disappeared. She leaned over and tapped the Clutchulak on the head. "And you need to come up with a better pick-up line than that," she finished and turned back to her purple drink.

"Damn," the Clutchulak muttered as it slithered away, a ready supply of bendy straws still at ... er ... tentacle.

"And I am still lost," Ellie muttered into her drink.